Michael Wuerfel


Sieben Linden 1
38489 Beetzendorf




Birth: June 22nd, 1972 in Fuessen.

1972-1991 childhood in Pfronten/Bavaria. Father Werner Würfel, toolmaker, mother Monika Würfel, nurse. Brother Stefan Würfel (now student of the arts), born 1975.

1982-1991 Gymnasium Füssen (high school). Abitur 1991.

1988-1989 exchange year in Anaheim/CA, USA. Attendance of high school. Work experience class in Disneyland.

1991-1992 civil service in Blankenheim/Eifel in a seminar-house. Job as projectionist in the cinema „Eifel-Film-Bühne“.
Picture book "Gimme Something to Believe in".

From 10/1992 moving to Cologne, different jobs: Cinema „Cinedom“ (service), Woolworth (storage worker), Jojo TV (camera assistant), Jost Hering Filmproduktion (production driver).

4/93 moving back to the Eifel-region. Short film "Der Riese und das Schicksal" (Faith and the Giant) runs at several film festivals.

11/93 moving to lower Bavaria, jobs as craftsman.
More short films: "The Others in the Box" and others.

4/1994 moving to Kempten/Allgäu. Start of apprenticeship as carpenter.

11/1994 start of journalistic work for the „Allgäuer Zeitung“ newspaper, Kempten. Short film "Die Kuh ist ein heimtückisches Wesen" (the Cow is One Mean Creature) runs countrywide in the cinemas as a result of winning a competition for films against racism. More short films: "Mehr Liebe für Michael Würfel Teil 1"(More Love for Michael Wuerfel Part I), "Stunde des Filmemachers" (Hour of the Filmmaker) and "Wenn sie lacht" (When she laughs) are all shown at different film festivals.

2/1996 finishing of the apprenticeship as a carpenter-journeyman. Giving up flat and property, start of a „journey“ with different occupations. Essay "The Roll".

from 8/1996 editing work for „eurotopia - European Communities Directory“, from 1999 to 2003 publisher and Webmaster (

9/1996 moving to Berlin. Work as carpenter.

from 96/97 guest student at Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen (HFF) (film school) in Potsdam-Babelsberg.

Ab 4/1997 novelist. Novel "vögeln". Different occupations.

from fall 1998 regular student of „dramaturgy“ at the HFF film school. Several short film screenplays, some of them made into films.

4/2000 writing and directing credits for "Der Einzelne in der Gesellschaft" (Socially Associated).

from 2000 jobs as dolly grip, sound assistant, location scout, extra. Translating of English subtitles for DVD‘s. Production of industry marketing films.

Spring 2001: Finishing of treatment and first draft screenplay for the feature film "Redwood Summer".
from 2001: Production of documentary films. "Leben unter Palmen" (Life under Palm Trees), 59 minutes, about the intentional community "Ökodorf 7 Linden"(7 Linden Ecovillage) is shown on several festivals, among others at Ökomedia Freiburg 2002, Prix Leonardo Parma/Italy 2003, FIFE Kairouan/Tunesia 2004.

2002 Internship "Cyclops Eye" script development.

2003 Internship "SWR television", feature documentary department.

Summer 2003 Production of documentary "Es geht ja um Mutti." (It's about Mutti), 24 minutes. Runs on TV and on several festivals.

also Summer 2003 Production of documentary "Urlaub mit Anpacken" (Working Vacation), 30 minutes.

Spring 2004: Diploma HFF film school.

Fall 2004-Spring 2005 Shooting of documentary "Schnee von gestern" (Yesteryear's Snow) in Bavaria, Germany.

Summer 2005-2008: Postproduction of "Schnee von gestern".

2007 Two commissioned documentaries (see filmography), taking up residence in Sieben Linden Ecovillage (

2008 Cowriting of feature documentary "Keine kleine Utopie" with Andreas Teuchert.
Writing of documentary TV series "Würfel's Heimattest" with ZDF German Broadcasting.

2009 Several artistic initiatives in Sieben Linden, writing for and
One commissioned documentary (see filmography), publishing of "Life under Palm Trees DVD Edition 2009".

Planned: Several documentary formats and features.


1993: "Der Riese und das Schicksal"(Faith and the Giant), 4 min., Video 8
        "The Others in the Box", 4 min., Super 8
1994: "Die Kuh ist ein heimtückisches Wesen"(The Cow is One Mean Creature), 2 min., Video 8
         "Mehr Liebe für Michael Würfel Teil 1" (More Love for Michael Würfel Part I), 4 min., Video 8
         "Stunde des Filmemachers" (Hour of the Filmmaker), 4 min., Video 8
1995: "Wenn sie lacht" (When she Laughs), 1 min., Super 8
2000: "Der Einzelne in der Gesellschaft"(Socially Associated), 5 min., 16mm
2002: "Leben unter Palmen" (Life under Palm Trees), 60 min., Mini-DV
2003: "Es geht ja um Mutti." (It's about Mutti), 24 min., DVC Pro 50
         "Urlaub mit Anpacken" (Working Vacation), 30 min., Mini-DV
2007: "U-DJ", 18 min., Mini-DV
         "Genfrei Gehen", 24 min., Mini-DV
2004-2008: "Schnee von gestern" (Yesteryear's Snow)
2009: "Leben unter Palmen 09 - Sieben Jahre später"
xxxxxx(Life under Palm Trees 09 - Seven Years Later), 14 min., Mini-DV
xxxxxx"Los Geht's 2009", 18 min., Mini-DV

xxxxxx"Strohballenpresstag", 15 min., Mini-DV